Katy Perry Dark Horse Look

Who’s behind on blogging?!  This girl!  This tutorial came out a month ago on my channel but…. Procrastination!  Don’t kill me! Haha!




Spring Time Plum Makeup

I got a bit inspired by the plum tree out in my yard about a week back.  The blooms where just so pretty that I couldn’t resist!  They’ve all fallen off now though. 😦  Fo this I used a combo of Beautifully Addictive and Sugarpill Sparkling Neon pigments!


Sky Blue Eyes

I came across a look by Biohazardous Beauty and I wanted to try my hand at it!  Only thing I did different was not add black to my crease.  I wanted to keep it light and whimsical.  For this I used Sugarpill along with an iridescent pigment from Beautifully Addictive!  Because as you guys know I’m just totally obsessed with them and have been adding them to almost every look I wear! 😀



Toxic Apple

It’s not often I do this circle shape.  I thought I could have done it better but people seem to really like it on Facebook & Instagram.  It always baffles me how the looks I don’t care for are the ones that are the most well received by others. -_- lol



Blue Orange Cream

I haven’t done colored liner in a long time so I broke out my least used pigment (Sugarpill’s Royal Sugar) to have a bit of fun!  I originally wanted to do just purple and blue but I thought orange would make it a little more interesting! 😀  The orange color is from Beautifully Addictive Cosmetics by the way. 🙂



Glitter Fuchsias

For those of you that don’t know, Fuchsias are flowers and probably one the most interesting that I’ve ever seen!  That was kind of my inspiration for this look.  I recommend that you guys go ahead and Google them right away!  You won’t regret it! 😀  Link is below the picture for the tutorial!




Green Goddess ♡ Smokey Dramatic Nighttime Eyes

I’m on a roll today!  This, unlike the others, is a new look that just went live on YouTube right now!  I used my Vice 2 palette again and Beautifully Addictive pigments in “Tidal” and “Goddess”.  Video is linked below! =^.^=