Spring Time Plum Makeup

I got a bit inspired by the plum tree out in my yard about a week back.  The blooms where just so pretty that I couldn’t resist!  They’ve all fallen off now though. 😦  Fo this I used a combo of Beautifully Addictive and Sugarpill Sparkling Neon pigments!



Release The Kraken!

Another late post!  Expect it to keep happening now that convention season is heating up for me!  So far I’m set for the dealers’ room in MetroCon (Tampa, FL) and the artist alley at Otakon (Baltimore, MD).  Those two cons are almost a week apart and many miles apart.  So I’ve got to go full swing into making stock mode for both of them.  And then there’s the potential for two other cons in Sep, but that isn’t for sure yet.

So I’ve got a pretty full plate this year.  I apologize in advance for probably leaving this blog sit for a few weeks.  I will update but it’ll take me a while. 🙂  Linked below are some of my latest videos and pics!  Also, I’d like to give a big thank you to all those who’ve shared my looks all over the interwebz lately.  I’ve been completely blown away and touched by all the support I’ve been getting.  WARM FUZZY FEELINGS!


Not Another Stereotypical Wrap Post!


For the longest time I’ve been major curious about sandwich wraps.  When I was younger I was never really able to grasp how to roll one without it exploding as soon as I bit into it.  So my only option was to get a store bought one.  However, I’ve been hesitant to go that route.  Past experiences with prepared food has left me a little wary.  I have flashbacks to that one time I bought the grocery store sushi tuna roll…..  Well, it’s gotten better since then at least.  Moving on!  One of the great things about wraps is that it’s great for leftovers!  Normally I’ll make a larger cut of meat for dinner and have enough for a weeks worth of lunch!  Not to mention the amount of mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, ect.. is so little I’m sure my waistline will thank me!  So here’s how I make mine!

The real trick to making a successful wrap is for everything to be as flat and evenly layered as possible.  As well as cut in straight lines.  Anything round will end in a messy disaster.  Haha!

Warming up your tortilla will help with the folding process but be sure to work fast before it completely cools.  The first thing I like to do is to spread a bit of the mayo all around the tortilla, with a spoon, staying an inch away from the edges.  Make sure it’s a thin layer!  Too much and it’ll poop all over your clothes!  Then I’ll usually put down the lettuce and the rest can be up to you!

There are many ways to fold a warp and you should experiment with what you like and what’s easiest for you.  As for me, I’ve linked a video to show you the method that I’m currently favoring as of late. 🙂

1 tortilla wrap (the biggest size and from the refrigerated section)

1 Romaine leaf

Meat of your choice (experiment on how much)

1/4 of Red Onions

2 Thinly sliced tomatoes pieces (cut into strips)

A few cucumber slices

Few Banana Peppers

Sprinkle of bacon bits

Salt & Pepper to taste

Attention! New AMAZING Celebrity Trend!


A new celebrity trend has risen!  I was actually able to name the designer as well!  Headdresses seem to be all the rage if the one Kerli and Selena Gomez are sporting on their new album/single covers are any indication!  You’re in luck too!  The average joe with money to burn can purchase these too from the same designer who made the celebs’ starting at $325.00!  The creator of these lovely and daring pieces is Caley Johnson of Miss G Designs!  Head on over to her Etsy or Facebook (listed below) to browse and drool.  I know I am over the feather Indian mohawks!

Miss G Designs Facebook

Miss G Designs ETSY

Selena’s Headdress

Kerli’s Headdress

How To: Mixing Pigments and I’m the Queen of Awkward and Slow


My first speaking video and it’s oh so very painful for me to watch.  Let me just say that this is NOT me…. Well, this is the awkward me that hates cameras recording her.  I PROMISE that the next video I have planned will be different… Hopefully.  People who know me personally know that, if I’m comfortable around you, that I’ll talk a mile a minute (think of how JuicyStar07 talks and that’s how fast I talk.. sometimes faster lol)  Yes, I was that annoying kid you wanted to hit because they never shut up.  My mother took years to train it as much outta me as she could.  I’m still like that but just not as bad.  I’m kind of unique and it takes a unique person to like me and not get offended or annoyed.  I’m trying to get it back because I miss it and I’ve become way to shy.  As this video clearly shows.  So sorry. lol  To see the disaster that is this video CLICK HERE!