Born Pretty Review!

Today I’ve got a nice review for you guys with a few products from Born Pretty Store!  They were kind enough to send me a few things to try out and give me a 10% off coupon code for you guys to use at checkout!


First up are a few brushes!  They’re a mix of real hair and synthetic.  As you guys know I’m really picky about my synthetic brushes and am always looking for cheaper alternatives to use in different makeup applications.  That being said these were a pleasant surprise!  The white brush, which is real hair, is pretty soft and didn’t poke my eye nearly as much as I thought it would.  The other brown one was a bit prickly so I wouldn’t use that one on my eye.  I’d use that one more for face painting.  The rest of the brushes are synthetic and are so SUPER soft!  Their cut is also very even with not one hair out of place!  Again, it was another surprise to me since I’m used to cheaper synthetics having imperfections.  These are defiantly a win for me so expect to see them in my videos soon! LOVE! ❤

Check it out HERE!


This next item is a lipstick.  It’s more of a gloss to me really because it came out very patchy.  I think that using it over a lip pencil would give it better color.  Bit of a let down. 😦 

Check it out HERE!


I’ve saved the best for last though!  This is freaking AMAZING!  It’s called a gloss but to me applies more like a liquid lipstick!  This is under no pencil or anything!  It’s super opaque and I need more of these in my life!  It does have a bit of a sunscreen smell at first but you really got to bring your nose up to it.  It’s not super offensive.  The color payoff and bright traffic cone orange color is enough for me to over look it!  I recommend applying with a lip brush. 🙂  LOVE! ❤

Check it out HERE!



Katy Perry Dark Horse Look

Who’s behind on blogging?!  This girl!  This tutorial came out a month ago on my channel but…. Procrastination!  Don’t kill me! Haha!


Spring Time Plum Makeup

I got a bit inspired by the plum tree out in my yard about a week back.  The blooms where just so pretty that I couldn’t resist!  They’ve all fallen off now though. 😦  Fo this I used a combo of Beautifully Addictive and Sugarpill Sparkling Neon pigments!

Dark Blue Neon Lips

So I finally got Sugarpill’s neon pigments during their 20% off birthday sale last week!!  The day after I got them….  This happened!  I used an OCC LipTar in Tarred as my black base and then layered over Hellatronic!  I’m not sure if any of the UV quality was diminished when I used it with the LipTar since I don’t have a black light. 😦  It’s still majorly stunning in the day though! ❤


Sky Blue Eyes

I came across a look by Biohazardous Beauty and I wanted to try my hand at it!  Only thing I did different was not add black to my crease.  I wanted to keep it light and whimsical.  For this I used Sugarpill along with an iridescent pigment from Beautifully Addictive!  Because as you guys know I’m just totally obsessed with them and have been adding them to almost every look I wear! 😀


Toxic Apple

It’s not often I do this circle shape.  I thought I could have done it better but people seem to really like it on Facebook & Instagram.  It always baffles me how the looks I don’t care for are the ones that are the most well received by others. -_- lol


Blue Orange Cream

I haven’t done colored liner in a long time so I broke out my least used pigment (Sugarpill’s Royal Sugar) to have a bit of fun!  I originally wanted to do just purple and blue but I thought orange would make it a little more interesting! 😀  The orange color is from Beautifully Addictive Cosmetics by the way. 🙂