Born Pretty Review!

Today I’ve got a nice review for you guys with a few products from Born Pretty Store!  They were kind enough to send me a few things to try out and give me a 10% off coupon code for you guys to use at checkout!


First up are a few brushes!  They’re a mix of real hair and synthetic.  As you guys know I’m really picky about my synthetic brushes and am always looking for cheaper alternatives to use in different makeup applications.  That being said these were a pleasant surprise!  The white brush, which is real hair, is pretty soft and didn’t poke my eye nearly as much as I thought it would.  The other brown one was a bit prickly so I wouldn’t use that one on my eye.  I’d use that one more for face painting.  The rest of the brushes are synthetic and are so SUPER soft!  Their cut is also very even with not one hair out of place!  Again, it was another surprise to me since I’m used to cheaper synthetics having imperfections.  These are defiantly a win for me so expect to see them in my videos soon! LOVE! ❤

Check it out HERE!


This next item is a lipstick.  It’s more of a gloss to me really because it came out very patchy.  I think that using it over a lip pencil would give it better color.  Bit of a let down. 😦 

Check it out HERE!


I’ve saved the best for last though!  This is freaking AMAZING!  It’s called a gloss but to me applies more like a liquid lipstick!  This is under no pencil or anything!  It’s super opaque and I need more of these in my life!  It does have a bit of a sunscreen smell at first but you really got to bring your nose up to it.  It’s not super offensive.  The color payoff and bright traffic cone orange color is enough for me to over look it!  I recommend applying with a lip brush. 🙂  LOVE! ❤

Check it out HERE!



Crazy Bright Color Tutorial





Urban Decay Primer
Sugarpill “Mochi”
L’Oreal HIP “Riotous”
Sugarpill “Dollipop”
Sugarpill “Velocity”
Sugarpill “Lumi”
MAC Fluidline “Blacktrack”
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil “Junkie”
NYX Liquid Crystal Liner “Crystal Hip”
Ardell False Lashes #402

Sugarpill “Asteria” Review & Swatches

I finally have some time to post about Sugarpill’s Limited loose pigment “Asteria” I received back in late July.  Yay!




This color is something that I usually wouldn’t have gotten because I always seem to lean more towards bright neons.  I’m so glad I ended up buying it though!  When I saw the photos of it I wasn’t entirely “wowed”.  Once I got it and really took a look at it in person I could see the possibilities.  Sugarpill described it as a copper color which is pretty much dead on.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more true copper color in a shadow before.  I think this color would look great paired with a purple or mint color like Sugarpill’s “Poison Plum” or “Mochi”.

Below I’ve swatched it both dry (left) and wet (right).



Release The Kraken!

Another late post!  Expect it to keep happening now that convention season is heating up for me!  So far I’m set for the dealers’ room in MetroCon (Tampa, FL) and the artist alley at Otakon (Baltimore, MD).  Those two cons are almost a week apart and many miles apart.  So I’ve got to go full swing into making stock mode for both of them.  And then there’s the potential for two other cons in Sep, but that isn’t for sure yet.

So I’ve got a pretty full plate this year.  I apologize in advance for probably leaving this blog sit for a few weeks.  I will update but it’ll take me a while. 🙂  Linked below are some of my latest videos and pics!  Also, I’d like to give a big thank you to all those who’ve shared my looks all over the interwebz lately.  I’ve been completely blown away and touched by all the support I’ve been getting.  WARM FUZZY FEELINGS!


Glitter Fruit Punch & One Too Many Squirrels on the Power Line

Yee gads!  So if you follow my Youtube channel you’ve probably seen that I’ve uploaded about three or four looks already and have yet to post them here…  My bad!  I had actually planned to do a blog post for each tutorial but I had a set back that had the workload pile up….  My power went out one cold night at 10:30pm!  It wasn’t just a simple fix either.  Of course not!  My whole transformer blew and I was out with them while they were fixing it until 3am.  I guess it had one too many squirrels hoping all over it and shorting it out.   Anyway, since that day I’ve been behind and super busy.  So instead of spamming you guys with multiple pictures from each look I’ll just be adding the links and pictures of only my current look.

Animal Abuse Awareness

So on over at Makeup Frenzy’s Facebook she’s having a juried contest with the theme of Awareness.  Amid the slew of of breast cancer and autism entries I noticed a lack of support for our furry friends!  So I felt I had to change that!  Especially because of the beauty world’s own hand in animal abuse..  Animal testing anyone?  So here’s my look!  As well as the Youtube tutorial CLICK HERE!





Products Used


Urban Decay Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil “Milk”
Sugarpill “Hysteric”
Sugarpill “Poison Plum”
Sugarpill “Bulletproof”
Inglot #453
Stila Kajal Liner “Onyx”
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner “Blackest Black”
Duo Lash Adhesive
Ardell “Babies” lashes