Review & Swatches of Sugarpill’s @#$%!



I bring you today product photos and swatches of Sugarpill’s limited edition pressed eyeshadow, @#$%! .  I got this shadow along with Asteria (a later blog post) during their online expo on Wednesday July 24th.  I normally don’t do product swatch posts mainly because everyone and their mom usually beat me to it.  There are so many blogs dedicated to doing it that it’s become a bit unnecessary for me to.  Of course, I’m also not made of money and as much as I’d like to buy certain things when they come out it’s just not always in the cards for me.  For example, Illamasqua’s Paranormal collection.  I’m just dying for a few of the items in it…  But I digress….

Anyway, I absolutely love this shadow!  I’ve always wanted Sugarpill to have a non matte pressed color.  It’s pretty similar to Love+ but with a silver shimmer.  My main reason for loving it is it’s smooth texture.  I know I’ll use this much more than Love+ because, for me, Love+ is a bit to chalky and hard to use so it requires a bit more work.  Again, I don’t know if it’s just how it works with my skin or if I just got a dud and maybe the fixed the formula.  I don’t know.  But by having this color it’s kind of like my Love+ replacement and I could’t be happier!  Also I don’t know if anyone else who owns this color has noticed but is it just me or does this shadow smell like green apples?  I know it’s a strange thing but seriously….  Smell it.

I don’t think this color will ever be gone for long periods of time like MAC does theirs.  Sugarpill always seems to make some for their conventions so, If you can, I’d definitely pick this up at any makeup convention Sugarpill will be attending.







3 thoughts on “Review & Swatches of Sugarpill’s @#$%!

  1. I really wish they’ve make a yellow version with this same formulation. I can barely use Buttercupcake because of how chalky it is, and it applies very patchy like when I put it over a creamy base. The colors with a bit of shimmer are much more smooth in texture. At any rate, love the swatches!

    • I feel your pain! For me, Poison Plum applies the same way. It’s probably just the manufacturer because my Buttercupcake is amazing to blend and apply. I think the new Elektro Cute pigments coming out have the same silver shift. Of course, it’s a neon yellow and a pigment but close enough! lol

  2. I love @#$%! Ana I feel the same way about Love+ & @#$%! I love the colour of Love+ but @#$%! blends much better and I use @#$%! most of the time I want a red or at least use it to blend out Love+. I got Asteria too and can’t wait for it to arrive, but I’m most excited about getting the electro cute stuff which goes on sale on my birthday!!!

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