Not Another Stereotypical Wrap Post!


For the longest time I’ve been major curious about sandwich wraps.  When I was younger I was never really able to grasp how to roll one without it exploding as soon as I bit into it.  So my only option was to get a store bought one.  However, I’ve been hesitant to go that route.  Past experiences with prepared food has left me a little wary.  I have flashbacks to that one time I bought the grocery store sushi tuna roll…..  Well, it’s gotten better since then at least.  Moving on!  One of the great things about wraps is that it’s great for leftovers!  Normally I’ll make a larger cut of meat for dinner and have enough for a weeks worth of lunch!  Not to mention the amount of mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, ect.. is so little I’m sure my waistline will thank me!  So here’s how I make mine!

The real trick to making a successful wrap is for everything to be as flat and evenly layered as possible.  As well as cut in straight lines.  Anything round will end in a messy disaster.  Haha!

Warming up your tortilla will help with the folding process but be sure to work fast before it completely cools.  The first thing I like to do is to spread a bit of the mayo all around the tortilla, with a spoon, staying an inch away from the edges.  Make sure it’s a thin layer!  Too much and it’ll poop all over your clothes!  Then I’ll usually put down the lettuce and the rest can be up to you!

There are many ways to fold a warp and you should experiment with what you like and what’s easiest for you.  As for me, I’ve linked a video to show you the method that I’m currently favoring as of late. 🙂

1 tortilla wrap (the biggest size and from the refrigerated section)

1 Romaine leaf

Meat of your choice (experiment on how much)

1/4 of Red Onions

2 Thinly sliced tomatoes pieces (cut into strips)

A few cucumber slices

Few Banana Peppers

Sprinkle of bacon bits

Salt & Pepper to taste


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