How To: Mixing Pigments and I’m the Queen of Awkward and Slow


My first speaking video and it’s oh so very painful for me to watch.  Let me just say that this is NOT me…. Well, this is the awkward me that hates cameras recording her.  I PROMISE that the next video I have planned will be different… Hopefully.  People who know me personally know that, if I’m comfortable around you, that I’ll talk a mile a minute (think of how JuicyStar07 talks and that’s how fast I talk.. sometimes faster lol)  Yes, I was that annoying kid you wanted to hit because they never shut up.  My mother took years to train it as much outta me as she could.  I’m still like that but just not as bad.  I’m kind of unique and it takes a unique person to like me and not get offended or annoyed.  I’m trying to get it back because I miss it and I’ve become way to shy.  As this video clearly shows.  So sorry. lol  To see the disaster that is this video CLICK HERE!


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